GO Farm in 土井 〜会員募集中〜

「GO Farm in 土井」会員募集のご案内

~GO Farm in 土井について~
福岡市東区にてGo Organics Japanが運営する体験型の農園です。




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① Enjoy : エンジョイメンバー
– 農園にて定期的に開催する作業やイベントにて、1回500円割引きでご参加いただけます。(例: イベント一般参加費1500円の場合、1000円となります)
年会費: 個人の場合はお一人様3000円、ご家族の場合は一家族5000円

② Support: サポートメンバー
– 農園にて定期的に開催する作業やイベントに参加費無料でご参加いただけます。
年会費: 個人の場合はお一人様8000円、ご家族の場合は一家族10000円

③ Team: チームメンバー




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-Announcement of “GO Farm in Doi (土井) membership-

~About GO Farm in Doi~
GO Farm is a Go Organics Japan’s community farm which can be enjoyed by all ages in near the Doi station (Higashiku, Fukuoka).

We now started our offering of membership program for people who are interested in organic faming.

There are three types of areas in the farm;
1. Herb garden area : mainly mint garden and many types of herbs.
2. Earthing area : Earthing is one of the most important health discoveries of our time.
You can use this area for standing, sitting, lying or walking with direct skin contact with the ground.
3. Farm area : Pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free. We sow seeds and try to grow organic vegetables together.

Of course, we will provide you harvesting, BBQ party, workshops etc.

~ Membership programs~
1. Enjoy member : For people who can join our events over 6 times in a year.
– We work ( cutting grass, sowing seeds, harvesting, DIY etc) at the farm together.
– Member can get a discount price for JPY500/time.
( e.g. If the event fee is JPY1500, you pay attendance fee for JPY1000.)

Annual fee: JPY3000/person, JPY5000/family

2. Support member : For people who can join our event many times and/or we can get your support to our farm.
– We work ( cutting grass, sowing seeds, harvesting, DIY etc) at the farm together.
– Member can join our events as an attendance-free member.

Annual fee: JPY8000/person, JPY10000/family

When you apply a membership, please pay above annual fee to Go Organics Japan.
We will email you more information.

If you don’t apply these membership, you can join our events as a spot member.

Application Form

Please feel free to contact us (info@goorganics.jp), if you have any questions.